Is Living Together Before Marriage A Recipe for Divorce?

Previous cultural perception as well as earlier research suggest that couples who live together before tying the knot increase their chances of the relationship ending in divorce. However, new research reveals that times are changing and that living together before marriage no longer plays a large role in predicting divorce. The Center for Disease Control […]

Need a Pre-Nup? Use a Lawyer not a Napkin.

There is a rumor out in internet land that Steven Spielberg and his first wife wrote their prenup on a napkin without any legal representation, and which was later declared void with his wife receiving around $100 million i 1989. Regardless of the truth of the statement, it highlights an important lesson that even Kanye […]

Who Keeps the Ring When the Wedding is Called Off?

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. That woman never met California business owner James Mekalianis, who is suing his former fiancee for the $53,000 engagement ring he gave her. Their story is similar to many couples. Girl mets Boy. Boy and Girl fall in love. Boy proposes marriage to Girl. Girl […]