Staying Together for the Holidays May Not Be the Best Gift

There is a time right before Thanksgiving – affectionately coined “turkey drop” – when people end relationships.  According to NPR the phrase was originally used to describe a breakup that occurs over the Thanksgiving holiday, typically between college freshmen who return home for the first time and finally pull the plug on a high school relationship.  However, this phenomenon happens for adults as well; perhaps in an attempt to avoid the stress and pressure of gift giving, and attending awkward holiday parties and family obligations.

Many couples especially those with small children tend to stay together during the holidays either in an attempt to repair a relationship or as one last memory before their family separates.  These decisions although made with the best intentions are not always a great idea.  Tensions are highest during the holidays.  Buying presents is stressful and if a family is strapped for money arguments usually start over how much is being spent.

I notice that Family Court is always jam packed with people the day after a major holiday because some incident occurred between them and their significant other or family member.

If you are deciding to stay together for one last Christmas, try to remain civil for your children and if possible, separate the house so that one person stays in one area (den/living room) and other person stays in another area (master bedroom).  This way if after the holidays you decide to end your relationship for good, you and your spouse can remain on amicable terms with each other and quickly resolve the issues  transitioning nicely for the next Holiday Seasons to come without any fanfare or stress.